Guide Lines In The Hands Of The Fake

Of course you see them because Facebook needs to secure their platform. But at what cost? Try reporting something that you know is breaking guidelines. Facebook will respond but then they will tell you that the person did not violate any rules set by them. Odd, is the correct word to use in this case.

Facebook Community Guide lines Are Fake!

We cannot express in more detail how these Guidelines are an effective tool to keep their platform safe. I am willing to bet that those employed by Facebook enjoy seeing these things happening. They let pornography, Weapons, etc to be posted. Yet, Facebook is a family platform. More has to be done to keep it clean and safe. It seems that those in the community who do report have zero chance of getting anything solved. They also need to get rid of the marker that ask the community to contact the violator. Now that seems crazy because people report under the radar.

Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, family and business. So it would be a great idea to keep it safe and clean.