Local Investors Are Needed Here

Puerto Rico needs to wake up and start doing something more valuable than sitting at the bar, home or beach complaining about the island. The island needs private funding in order to set bail to the current crisis. Raising funds to rebuild our community is essential to what we stand for. Why are we not supporting our own people? These complaints, that our Government is not doing or caring enough is damaging your brains! If Puerto Ricans are smart enough to vote and complain. You can rebuild our community, one brick at time.

PROMESA has been put in place because everyone is judging Puerto Rico for a Country who lies and steals. This is obvious because we all see the local news, feel whats going on face to face. Puerto Ricans need to step up to the plate and start rebuilding your land, your rights and your future.

In reality this $70B crisis was not the peoples fault, this is caused by bad administration. This eventually is thrown at the people. Not fair at all! There has to be an answer and that is “Private Funding”.

If Puerto Rico steps in with private funding, we can pay off whats owed, regain our control of our Country. Puerto Rico belongs to its people and its people need to take care of it.

Fleeing to the USA does not help our island at all. You belong in Puerto Rico, your sweat should be poured into our main land.

Invest In Puerto Rico!!


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