Our Future – Puerto Rico Bill – PROMESA

With Congress voting on this Bill today, Puerto Rico is seeing a huge change in the financial sector. Many residents oppose this bill because of the negativity concerning their financials. Our island has been hit by politicians who have decided to gain their own interest but has forgotten about its people. Speaker of the house “Paul Ryan” has a 100% bulls eye on the truth behind this bill. Washington DC, needs to take full control over Puerto Rico’s Government because of irresponsibility with funds.

Here is the link on exactly what is the bill and why it’s needed. PROMESA – PUERTO RICO. He does state that our Government is not being responsible and that they will not pay the current debt of $70B. Puerto Rico is facing a huge crisis here, we are not able to control our Government at all. Votes really do not count. What are the concerns of my people?

Puerto Ricans are afraid to lose benefits, they will lose so much. This Federal Control of our Government and its finances are causing chaos among the citizens. In fact the citizens do not realize that these cuts to our finances are crucial in order to rebalance our economy and start on our way to a more productive future. Our people need to learn how to adjust to these problems because there is no other way to solve it.

With a new Government in place and a Federal Control, Puerto Rico will get back on track. This is a second chance to recover and we as Puerto Ricans need to be smarter, get back to work and start producing for our Countries future. Lets pay off this debt, get back on track. Puerto Ricans are very strong and I know that we can overcome a small situation.

I will tell my people this, our Government has been manipulating your minds, controlling your life, it is time to stand on your ground, use this opportunity to regain our Pride as Puerto Ricans. The United States gave us a hand but not a bailout because they know that Puerto Rico can bail themselves out. Lets get busy, open local businesses and get back to work.

Que Viva Puerto Rico, Somos Gente Fuerte y Unidas, Nuestra Patria es de Nosotros!!


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