You Can Cook An Egg Without Fire

It has been so hot here that the walls, furniture are very hot. It is 11 pm in Puerto Rico and I am sweating, windows are open, fan is on but this heat is horrible. With the current humidity at 92%, it has become very dangerous. Right now according to The Weather Channel it is 82 degrees in San Juan, Puerto Rico with the current time 11:56pm.

My advice to those in Puerto Rico who do not have access to an air conditioner, to be aware of this type of condition, it can affect your over all health. Drink plenty of cold water, take cold showers at least 5 times during the day and night in order to bring down your body temperature.  At this time it has become so hard to catch up on sleep. This seems like the hottest time ever in Puerto Rico. One recommendation to stay away from total dehydration is to by the infant Pedialyte, trust me it does help if you lose any fluids that the body needs.

Well; im off for now because I need to take yet another cold shower to beat this crazy hot weather here and drink a bottle of cold water.


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