Puerto Rico Has Decided Its Future

With the Primary Elections over, Puerto Rico was in a real race for its future. But we must think as always. Why? Because for centuries our Government officials have put in plain view, so many promises. Yet these promises are never kept. This brings us to the main question. Does our vote really count for our own community? Politicians have scored a great amount of votes but never do as they say after getting elected. Here is another example of how manipulation affects how people react. Our community is split by color and that brings in so many arguments concerning the future of our people.

If these promises were kept, we might see a rise in trust coming from the community itself. So the people have elected what is now known as the “New Progressive Party”, our future has been chosen because the people want change. But at what cost? Our new selected Governor wants State Hood for Puerto Rico (State Number 51).  The concerns of our people is the Real Estate transactions, Vehicle Insurance and Social Security as well as health care services. Are we seeing changes to these in the future. How does a change affect us? Are we having tougher laws put in place? These are all concerns. So here you can see the results of our elections CEE Event .

One thing that I see is the fact that the United States has lost all confidence in our people. Our doors are always shut down, when it come to doing business. Not many people deliver to Puerto Rico, Financial institutions are blocked from the United States. Our transaction are blocked. If Puerto Rico becomes State number 51, these doors can be open, our trust can be rebuilt once again. Puerto Rico has so much to offer, there is such a huge demand for tourist “Traveling To Puerto Rico”.

Many residents refuse to make this a State. Very sad the way the minds have been manipulated in a way that people here are living for FREE! This is another topic. But let’s be real here for once. Everyone needs to realize that Federal Funds for housing, food stamps, college funds all come from the United States. So why not change? Our people are afraid of a new future but it has to get done in order for us to gain exposure to more business to business deals, create better health care services, secure our streets, better education system in place. The doors to our main trust has to be open. This is just the beginning of a new era for Puerto Rico, lets see what happens in November.

One message that I have for  Puerto Rico is simple. Lets join in unity for a better future and stop complaining about everything. Lets work together to bring a change for our families.


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