Adjusting My Life – A Battle Without An End

Yes; it has come to that point where we are forced to make changes in our routines, business and personal life. The battle never ends. Today and this weekend I will be working on adjusting my blog. I am placing some pages along with information, links, etc. Right now I have added a “Business Service” page above where I will be posting all of my services. Our current economy is not holding me back at all. We all struggle at one point in life. I do have a positive mindset because if I do not, how will I get back up after I fall?

Once we pick up on our main goals, it is time to make proper adjustments, depending on the situation. Above is a list of pages. I am moving my personal links from the side widgets to the above pages in order to make room for paid advertisements. These ads are just photos that will show business information. I will also be removing the blogroll for now. The widget “Blogs I Follow” will not be removed. I will be updating as I go so everyone knows where I have placed the links. I do appreciate everyone for stopping by.

This is going to be a long weekend indeed. But I am confident that this will get done by Monday, so that I can start a fresh new week. Once I finish this update, I will let everyone know where to navigate for the pages and links. I do hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and do not work too hard.