News Networks – A Political Divide

We see it all the time in television, internet as well a news papers the huge amount of information of split news, comments, etc. Why? Because our News Networks are divided by Politics. In fact they should not be taking any sides. You can read about what happens in a community with different versions, coming from the news source. This is something that has everyone split as well. Information is thrown out and causes huge disruption among the community involved. Keep in mind that each company has its own views and opinions. Is this suppose to be like this? Lets face it, we all are brainwashed into believing what is written, causing confusion.

Bloggers can STOP this form of brainwashing by updating the news into their own blogs. We need a real legit version of what is happening in our communities. I will give you an example of this situation. According to CDC in Puerto Rico, we are facing a huge Zika problem. Yet; they neglect to come up with a solution. There are numbers reported but in reality our hospitals are not advertising the Zika or see patients with the disease. These reports are not confirmed at all. 

This is where local bloggers get their act together, investigate, talks to people to confirm, then they can post an update about the truth. Our community is asleep to all the causes out there, yet they seem to not realize that it’s all invented for Political achievements. People need to analyze the news and be aware of false media coverage. Remember that news coverage is divided, so they tend to mix the real legit news with false news. Our blogging community needs more followers. We are not divided, we write about the real stuff that occurs in our community. Become a blogger today! Join the fight against false reporting! Your health, your community depends on an open communication. Do not stay in silence anymore. Lets make a change today, lets unite as a community.