Real Interesting People Have Been Lost In CyberSpace

How many times can we see the same old post?

Twitter is a great way to connect with people but those who are using this media are using it the wrong way. Every time we log in, we see the same tweets. Nothing changes at all. There has to be a way where people start posting new and interesting post. Twitter has a huge issue with monitoring this because these post are not supposed to be repeated. This is a form of spam. We spend countless hours on twitter without any real response to work or positive connections that lead to real productivity. It does seem that these accounts are bots and not real people behind the computers. Things need to change now.

If you are a real person on Twitter, seek time to come up with new content. Start to communicate the right way. The direct messages are not meant to sell us a product or service, it was created to start a real conversation. What happened to the first question? Good morning, how are you doing? We need to start learning how to communicate more via Twitter. STOP Tweeting the same old stuff, start a fresh new content. I for one am not a bot and Tweet when I can. When time permits. But people Tweet stuff that do not make any sense at all, these contents are out of base with reality. Get a life and start moving forward with new and interesting things to read.

Creating new content will show that you’re a real person with good intentions. If you are promoting a service or product, do not repeat yourself. Be creative and start something new. Also if people follow you, be kind enough to follow back. The act of not following back when someone follows you, shows that you are a bot or a person who has a bad ego problem. You want to feel special by having followers. Follow back! There is no harm in following back those who follow you. Use your brain instead of your ego. I am a direct person and this is my view and point on what I see on the internet. Open up more, you will see a huge change when you do this. Have an awesome day! Tweet the right way, not the wrong way!


2 thoughts on “Real Interesting People Have Been Lost In CyberSpace

    • Of course, people have changed so much in the past 10 years. We need to produce and it is hard when there are people who do not want to have a better future. Everything is slow and boring, it should not be like that at all.


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