Bloggers Need An Income Source

Yes; I have become a part of the cyber world with limitations due to our crisis here. I have tried to work in various things with some luck. I have cut grass, etc. The problem here is that people do not appreciate the labor associated with the assignments. It has come to the point where I am focusing more on my writing. Even though I have not secured any type of funds with it. The world is focused on earning an income but I do not see it at all.

I have taken a small vacation in order to re-think things through because it is unfair that I put so much work without gaining anything to live and pay my bills. I run this blog from my tablet so that I can have more freedom to write. Living in Puerto Rico is not easy at all. Struggling everyday to keep food on the table.  The hardest part is trying to convince everyone my exact value for what I do. Keep in mind that the process of writing is not easy as well. Coming up with content is hard. The schedule is very limited.

So where are the legit companies in Puerto Rico? I am here to voice my opinion, give advice and talk about local news, which I have not been able to cover yet due to my busy schedule trying to make a buck. Blogging has become my full time job, so why not get paid for it! I have over 200 post so far and plenty of traffic. I do hope that I can land a great source of income while blogging here.


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