Social Networks = 0 Productivity

Social networks are a great way to expand our connections. But in reality there is no real connection because we are not forming a true business network. All these social sites are filled with Scams and sexual content. This causes a huge problem with businesses. Zero productivity is what we get in Social Networks. We share information but we do not trade services or products to earn a living. We spend countless hours online but our time becomes invaluable. What forms of networking should we have in order to make a living? This waste of time is not acceptable for a real company that wants a better future.

Right now I myself am seeking real people with real connections in order to push my business forward. I want to network with the right group of people. Let’s connect and form a positive connection, we need to make money now. Time is money, so what are you waiting for? Stop waisting hours on Social Networks that do not help you produce.  Commonsense, communication is key to success. I am ready to make money, are you ready? Let’s get started today!

These Networks like Twitter, FaceBook, SnapChat, WhatsApp are all filled with negative post. They were created for a good purpose, to connect the world in one common place. If you spend 8 hours a day connected in these sites, you will not get anywhere. Everybody that’s posting is there for their own gain, they do not care about you, your services or your products. They are interested in making  money, gaining more traffic from you. Yes; you. This is how Social Networks work today.  So next time you log on, make sure that you communicate with the rest of the world one on one without trying to sell them anything. A direct message should be simple in order to communicate. A simple Good morning, how are you? My name is _ from New York.

Break the ice the proper way, so that we know your a real person. I do not respond to direct messages that have links and are trying to lure me to buy. I want to get to know you on a personal level first before trying to lure me into your business.