Medical Disaster In Progress

Triple S Mi Salud – No Medical Services

The situation in Puerto Rico is really heart breaking. Our medical services are in danger of extinction in this Country. Why? Because our insurance does not cover any medical cost. The high cost of medications, the lost of Specialist is causing a serious health concern. If the insurance like Triple S Mi Salud (Medicaid) does not pay for these important services, the island will see an increase in residents health in danger. Now with the Zika Virus, this is a concern. Maybe it is time to start thinking in our communities health, start paying what is owed to all of our doctors, ambulance service, etc. I do hope that we can come to an end to this crisis. Our Government needs to think of our people more. Bring Back our Doctors, Nurses and Medical technicians!

Triple S Mi Salud has 90% of the population on their list. We are not going to stop throwing our voices, so that our community can stand out with a better outlook into the future. One of the major problems is that Puerto Ricans like to boost their opinion but are going the wrong way of doing it. This is another concern that will be covered soon. Lets stand up to our rights, lets move all of our concerns the right way and get things solved. Our Country needs a solution and that is now! If you are in Puerto Rico and have Triple S Mi Salud, leave me a comment as to what services have helped you or what services do not help. We need to stick together and save our health. We are united!



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