The Forgotten People

This society has an ego problem. I hear the ongoing battle about protecting the interest of the rich. But I never hear anything about combating our most crucial problem (the poor)! What will happen to the poor? I see lots of buildings that are not being used, the rich can overturn these buildings to house the poor. Many people are in the streets with children but our Government keeps protecting the interest of the rich. In the meantime, the rich gets rich because they advertise to the poor. This is unfair practice in part of the world that keeps chewing from the very hands that made them rich. It’s time to give back to the poor!

I want to see how many rich people buy me coffee and how many poor people do the same. I would bet that I would receive more from the poor. Why? Because the poor always helps out the poor, we are always United. The rich are United among themselves. An act of selfishness. I do hope that the rich learned that the money in their bank belongs to the poor as well. We have the right to enjoy it and to celebrate our achievements. I believe in helping those who are truly in need. A small sacrifice of kindness goes a long way. Nobody actually lives in a balance of poverty, where it gets hard to even buy a gallon of milk. Those who have an expensive home and enough food to feed 100 people, think for a moment, if you lost everything right now, how will you survive? Keep that in mind as we in Puerto Rico spend our day wondering where our next dollar will come from. Jobs here are very difficult to find, companies are closing. A small help would be appreciated. We need to stick together in order to succeed.


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