How Do We Disconnect Our Minds

How do we disconnect our minds? In my previous post I talked about our Government, how we are so dependent of it that it causes conflicts among us. I have been analysing our society, how people act and have come up with the solution to our existing problem. We are dependent on our Government, we must disconnect from those dependencies in order to secure and bring Peace to our lives. All this takes time and lots of focus to details. You see; we cannot totally stay away from what is going on around us but we can learn how to disconnect and stay away from them.

Here is a simple solution to disconnect:

1. Find a hobby (This will keep you occupied)
2. Do not write, talk about Politics (Do not buy or see news online about Politics)
3. If in a group, change conversations, talk about your hobby or something else
4. Maintain a clear focus and never argue about Politics

That small list will keep you disconnected from Politics and it also helps with other situations that bring conflicts into our daily lives. Try it out! You will see a difference in how you act, think, respond to situations. I have learned to disconnect from conflicts and it’s causes, it really has help. I know it can help you to.


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