Are You Ready To Succeed?

We are in crisis but this does not mean that everything is lost. Everyone has their own personal life to manage, so why are we stressing over something that in reality is not our fault? I am seeing what many do not see, that is the fact that our Government has done so many shady deals that they end up in a mess, causing a public disturbance. This should not be allowed in our society, in our personal lives. Politics is like gambling, it becomes an addiction that cannot be shut down. In fact Politics does divide our community, our friends, our families. We become so addicted that we end up fighting, arguing. Our homes get destroyed. In fact we become so involved that we forget to manage our homes.

We have a responsibility towards our own personal lives, people around us. Are you ready to succeed? That is one question that so many find hard to answer.  We stop what we are doing because everything outside of our homes is distracting our daily lives. Our finances fall apart, our families fall apart. Put it this way; if you manage your time better, avoiding contact with stuff that has nothing to do with you, I guarantee that you will succeed. Puerto Rico is in a crisis, it’s people are suffering, but they do not need to suffer. That is because we are strong, some are not as strong and decide to quit.

I am amazed on how people manage their time, their businesses, their home. To many negatives, zero positives. In fact many do not have a solid plan to keep going. In todays fast growing society, we need to learn how to adjust our time and intelligence in order to be able to manage our homes, businesses more. I know for a fact that Puerto Rico can succeed, it starts at home, disconnecting from your Government, staying away from Politics. Concentrating more on your personal finances and not maintain an eye on what is happening with your Government will benefit you in the long run. I say this because lot’s of people depend from the Government to bail them out, when in fact they do not need to be a part of your life, unless you have a serious emergency within your household. I do hope that my fellow Puerto Rican’s can stand up on their own, build a solid foundation for a better future (without having politicians run their lives). Move on, rebuild with private funds. STOP DEPENDING ON THE GOVERNMENT TO RUN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE!


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Succeed?

  1. I must say I do agree with everything you say but people need a process or an idea of how to solve the solution of depending on the government to sort out their lives. We are conditioned into thinking that some knight in shining armour will come and fix the world. We need a global plan on how we can all do our bit to make changes in our lives and become accountable for our own lives and happiness . I’m not from Puerto Rica but this still happens in governments all over the world.

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    • I agree, the solutions to our problems can be solved at home. Everyone needs to focus more on what is happening at home, rather than worry about what others do.


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