Public Comments Are Now Open

I have decided to open up my communication with the rest of the world. This will allow for a better one on one communication with everyone. I would appreciate it if everyone would comment and like, with respect, NO SPAMMING ALLOWED! I do not accept comments with links. This is something new that I am trying out so that I can have an open communication with the rest of the world that does not have a WordPress account. Please feel free to follow me on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. I am changing the way I communicate with my readers and followers. Right now I am concentrating on my blog, even though I have mentioned taking a break but I cannot stay away from my readers, followers.

I would like to stay in communication with my fellow Puerto Ricans in and outside the island. So if you speak English, feel free to stay in touch. Everyone else from around the world who has stopped by are welcomed to comment as well. Please make sure that your comments are left in English as I only understand English and Spanish. We cannot form a real bond without open communication, so let us start a new and improved journey to Peace, Freedom and Financial Security. I will be posting again soon, so feel free to follow me. Any questions, leave me a comment on my blog post. Once again Thank You all for stopping by my blog, I do appreciate your visit. Be safe and have a great day or night, depending where you are in the world.




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