Your Virtual World ~ My Reality

We live in a world full of hate, greed, negative mental health, corrupcion. Everyone is disconnected from reality. The internet has destroyed the minds of the people in this planet. Everyone is living in their own little world, where they do things that are not normal. It is sad to see society so divided and disconnected from reality. The reason that I myself do not post much is because I really do not see anything in return as far as earning an income online since I’m logged in a lot. I also have noticed that the real world outside the internet is changing by the second. People that I know have passed away. It is like living with the eyes closed. There is an abundance of stuff outside of the internet that everyone can enjoy to the fullest. Your Virtual World ~ My Reality

I have noticed that when people are in public, they are connected on their cellphones and do not put attention to what is going on around them. This society is controlled by cyberspace, creating zombies out of our civilization. Maybe if everyone disconnected for a few hours a day, there would be more face to face contact, where people can interact in the real world and be more social. The internet has connected the world but in reality has disconnected everyone from real life events. So if you do not see an update in 24 hours, that is because I am in the real world trying to earn a living, spending time with my wife, helping my neighbors and playing dominoes in real life. See even to donate $2.00, everyone seems disconnected. I do appreciate the follows but I also have bills to pay and my health to keep up to date. Well, I’m off until I can log back in. But hopefully we can recover. We do not spend much but it’s not easy at all. Anyway, I have to get some rest.


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