Can A Blogger Make A Difference In A Community?

Looking deep into cyberspace, technology and my local community, I have studied this on my own and have been wondering if blogging can change my local community. Blogging is a form of communication, that if used the correct way, we as bloggers can change our communities. Another thing that I have noticed is the fact that lots of people do not know what is a blog and what a blogger does. We as bloggers are not recognized by the media or our community. This is a concern that needs full attention. We need to focus on what is important where we live. There are bloggers who focus on themselves but maybe we need a stronger voice and let the world read about our communities. It is time to really expand our voice and create a visual for our blogs. We need to brand, market and sell what’s in our bag of goals. Our community needs to see the truth and expose real local businesses and real people.

It is hard to see people suffer during crisis. The world is changing around us in a quick second. What are we doing to make a difference in our communities? Bloggers need to have more exposure in order to make their voices heard. Blogging is a great way to express our concerns and opinions. I myself am trying to make my blog popular within my community. Spread the word out! I’m thinking of printing my own business cards to spread my blog. Maybe I will also print my own blogger identification so that people can recognize who I am. Im a fighter, never giving up on things that I like to do. So here I am preparing myself for a new chapter in my life. Im going to renew myself and try something new and see how successful I will be. Im a blogger with a goal and a dream! I know for a fact that I can make a difference in my community, so if you want to be a part of my success, follow me in all my social networks. I’m headed to a new road in my life and your welcomed to join me..


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