Are You Feeling Depressed?

It has been awhile since I posted in the Mental Health category. Today I want to start covering depression. This condition affects everyone, no matter the àge, sex or gender. Are you feeling depressed? 

If your àre in this category of the negative part of life, there is a solution that can balance your over all thinking, so that you can recover from depression. Depression can occur from different sources. Right now, you may feel depressed because of lack of traffic to your blog, this goes for bloggers. But this is an example of where depression comes from. In order to find a cure, you need to find the source and fix it.

In my next post I will cover the sources of depression. Given that the person Depressed always stays quiet and does not talk about the source but can state that they are Depressed. Psychologist today cannot or will not provide the person with a cure. So with my experience dealing with friends and family with depression, I will be focusing on helping everyone find, secure and fix the cause of depression.