Blogging For Money

That sounds easy. Not! In fact the thought about working online is a huge battle. There are tons of offers but in reality none of those offers bring in any residual income. This brings me to blogging. To the so called ads, sponsors, pay per post.

We are in a point where blogging has become very much part of our lives. We live, breath blogging. But how do we make money blogging? Is there a true, legit way to earn $1,500 or more per month? I have been searching all over the internet with zero luck.

Does blog traffic matter? I need some real legit feedback, because I am interested in earning money full time with my blog. I really do not like to place ads and make my blog look full to my readers.

I am looking more into providing written reviews but not looking for Free products even though it is a great idea but I need cash. So here I sit, wondering if I should invest a small amount on my blog in order to buy my domain, get more exposure.

I would like some sound advice from my fellow bloggers. I will be offering some services which will be posted soon. Well; I have to run, it has been a long day and tomorrow I will be running errands.