Blog List – Day 2 / Habit Forming – 30 Day Mental Health Challenge

Day 2: Blog List

I have gathered five blogs, which I will be following very closely for the next 29 days of my 30 day Mental Health Challenge. There are way too many blog to keep in touch with but I am starting with only five. So if you see your blog here on this list, I will be visiting soon. For those fellow bloggers who’s blogs were not listed I will be getting to you soon. So here is the first five blogs on my list.


  1. renkyoko’s space
  2. Al ritmo politico
  3. M+M Middle Me
  4. Krista Loe Says
  5. Dream Big Dream Often

This list is just the new start of my true open communication with my fellow bloggers. Every month I will add a new list to cover. I promise not to leave anyone behind. As there are too many blogs to stay in touch with. I might add more to the upcoming list, depending on my habit and schedule. So here is another part of my journey.