Habit Forming – 30 Days Mental Health Challenge

Day 1: Blogging Schedule

Good morning my fellow bloggers and friends. Today I am starting another challenge, this time I am working on a 30 Day Mental Health Challenge, which will help me to keep a decent schedule, boost my over all habit of working on and around my blog, even though that I have a busy schedule doing other stuff. My week is already filled with lot’s to do. In fact today I have to visit a neighbor in the hospital because doctors told his family that he might not make it this week, so I am spending time with him and his family. Sad times we live in. Anyway today I start the first day of the challenge. Day 1: Blogging Schedule. I will be posting daily between 1am – 5am Eastern time. This seems like the best schedule for my blogging. I do hope that things get back to normal soon with this blogging schedule in place. So here I go; the train has left the station to begin the 30 day journey.  I will see you soon as I am not leaving anyone behind.