Thinking of Doing Some VBlogging

That is correct. I am thinking of VBlogging for this blog. But  it will take sometime to get it all set up. Right now I am working on the introduction to the Video. I like to see a difference in my blog as well as the type of post that I write. It will be my first time doing a video, so let us see how well it works and yes; I would like your opinion as to the video, so that I can make improvements. My followers and readers are very important to me. I want to start focusing my blog around my local community as the community needs a real voice.

I will be posting about issues affecting my community at hand because it seems that nothing is being done right. Anyway; in my next post I will list the topics of interest that is affecting us here in Puerto Rico. It is very important to spread my Thoughts and Views on stuff that matters. So you will be seeing a small change in the blog soon. We all need to get together to form a unique group of people who can make a change in our community. The video will be posted here, when I have a chance to get it done.


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