Social Networks are Overloaded With Information

We live in a time where the internet has gotten way out of control. There are so many people logged in that it creates an overload. Our e-mails are filled with so many links, so much information. I have seen in social networks like Facebook with the lack of interaction in the groups due to the massive overload. I see so many post in the groups with questions about how to boost traffic, how to gain follows, how to get people to comment on your post. One thing that has been overlooked is the fact of our networks being overloaded with information. This is one of the reasons why nobody is interacting with each other. My advice is simple: Follow sites or people that have your full interest and keep it down to a minimum of 100. That way it will be easy to comment and boost your online presence. I will be trying this as of today because the interaction is missing with many. Even though some are doing what is right. Following each other needs commitment on both ends!!


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