Blogroll in Progress

I am working on extending all my followers through blogroll. I am listing a few for now to see how it works and how beneficial it is for me as well as for my fellow bloggers. If you are an active commentor and like my post, feel free to comment your link with the following message (Add me to your blogroll), once I add you; the list will be shown in the blog. I would appreciate if you do the same and add me to your blogroll. Let’s expand our networks this way because it seems like an easier way to keep up with the blogs and for sure makes it simple to comment and like post. We are a team of bloggers with a unique voice and style, so why not try something new? Go ahead and leave me your comment with your link so that I can add you. I will be promoting those in my blog soon.

Thank You again for stopping by and supporting my blog… I will sure stop by yours once I get these blogs rolling.. Happy Blogging!!


7 thoughts on “Blogroll in Progress

  1. Hello Jose!
    While I have been writing my entire life, I am new to the world of blogging. Blogroll sounds like something I should have, or if I already have it and don’t know it, something I should learn!
    Would you mind explaining it to me?

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