Like for Like – Never Works

Your traffic does not come from liking another blog. It is proven in the stats. You must have an open communication with your fellow bloggers in order to see improvements. I started commenting and liking my fellow bloggers post. There are too many but I will be getting there soon. I want to see more engagement with my blog as well, that way I know that we are communicating back and forth. For those who have left comments and likes, I do appreciate it a lot. We as bloggers need to open up more and spread what we are posting. Not everyone has the same opinions, we all have different views. I urge my fellow bloggers and followers to start chatting with each other. Leave me a comment so that I know your still around and I will be more than glad to stop by your blog and do the same.

Take advantage of our access to all the social media, networking is key to our success!!



12 thoughts on “Like for Like – Never Works

  1. Worth reading. I’ve done this strategy and it really didn’t help. What I really wanted is to have a readers who will read my posts and interacts with me. Instead of doing this mistake I’d rather communicate to other bloggers to gain friendship. 🙂

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    • Thank you, I agree with you as well. Friendship is the number one key to our blogging success. We must have open communication and really be honest with each other. Thank you again for stopping by my blog…


  2. True, but I read between 100-150 posts a day. I can’t comment on everyone’s post, but I do try to share great reads on Twitter so that they can know that I actually read their material. Blogging is selfish business, but those that don’t interact at all are kind of missing an opportunity.

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  3. Jose, you are so right. Some people will give you a like and as soon as you give them one, they will remove their like. Building a relationship is much better.

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  4. Thank you for this, I am re-beginning again, All kinds of Information in blogosphere, with all kinds of information and all kinds of views. It is kinda mind blogging (excuse the pun).
    Thanks Melony

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