Mental Health: 30 – Day Habit Forming Challenge

I have been pretty busy these days for sure. It does seem that our Mental Health needs a real daily challenge. So I have decided to put together the “Mental Health 30 Day Habit Forming Challenge”. Am I ready for this challenge? That is the main question when it comes to habit forming, we tend to start things and never finish them within a certain time period. Our daily lives are so filled with so much on the “To do list” that we forget what we started in the first part of the list. The list never gets finished in time. So I am on a 30 day habit forming challenge, which will commence on 3/1/2016. I am going to do this challenge because my wife gave me the idea, she is doing a 30 day challenge herself, which you can read in her blog Vuelve A Empezar.  Her blog is in Spanish. My wife is an awesome woman, she fights, protects and gives her all in this marriage. Without her, I would not be able to keep up with this blog. All my support is here with my followers and 100% from my wife.

I am giving myself enough time to gather the 30 day habits, so that I can write about my progress on a daily basis. I will be covering a few thoughts and views until then. This challenge will put me on the right track with my habits. Hope that you will find it interesting and something worthwhile to read. I will be back soon!!


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