Puerto Rico vs Blogs

It seems that Puerto Rico does not have a voice. I mean lot’s of people who I have been in contact with do not know what is a blog. It amazes me too much to think that with so much technology nobody knows anything about a blog. Are we living in the 1900? A blog is a great way to share news, information, etc. We as writers, enjoy communicating with words, throwing our thoughts and views among the rest of the world. I may not be as active with my own blog but do dedicate some time to make some post. On the other hand Puerto Ricans need to learn a bit more about our techology and all the social media that has been put in our way. This makes it easy to transfer all the relevant information around the world.

I think that more people need to start reading more, instead of wondering what people are saying or writing. Blogs have taken over the traditional writing, where people used to write on diaries, keeping them locked up. Now; our very own thoughts belong to the world at hand. Some of our privacy has been lost but not all has been lost.  We secure our own thoughts and views in fear of discrimination. Puerto Ricans love to talk and spread news all over and it is a great idea if more Puerto Ricans started a blog. It would make the island more visible to the isolated opinions. Well; this is my Thoughts and Views, I do hope that you enjoy my writing. I will be back soon!!


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