Rebuilding Lost Confidence In Puerto Rico

It is very disturbing to see, hear the reality behind the truth. Puerto Rico has lost all confidence from the world, especiallly from the United States. I constantly hear people complaining about the lost economy but have not heard about the correct solutions to solve it. Families here are losing everything because of bad thinking. Thinking negative, forcing each other into odd situations, then they blame the Government for not doing anything. I am very concerned about the future of my island, where I was born. Lucky for me, I was raised in New Jersey and New York, where values are respected, concerning businesses, ideas and the future. I see a huge difference in how people progress in the United States vs Puerto Rico, in fact; laziness has overcome the majority of the people here.

There are a few who have a job, who own a local business, who in fact want a better future. Among these positive people are the negative ones who enjoy stealing, killing and causing pain in families. These crimes are all over the world. Puerto Rico has become isolated in it’s own black hole. “Rebuilding Lost Confidence In Puerto Rico” should be a number one priority in order to gain access to the worlds market place, where trades of goods and services can be obtained with ease.

Right now I am on my own mission to build that confidence with the residents of the United States and the World in order to achieve my goals as a blogger, photographer, eBayer (Online Sales).  It is heart breaking to see the blocks from the outside world when I try to shop online. Everyone is afraid to do business with Puerto Rico. Did you know that Puerto Rico still has 99.9% good people, who can be trusted? I want to let the world know that you need to open up your trust again for Puerto Rico, so that we can do business with everyone.

So if you sell on eBay, Amazon, etc, my suggestion will be the same always. “Open up your doors for the open market in Puerto Rico, the island needs that door open in order to progress and save homes, families.

I do hope that we all can communicate, rebuild confidence with Puerto Rico!! Let us open up our financial markets, start selling, trading and rebuilding the future for our families.


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