Puerto Rico and It’s False Crisis

Good Morning; despite the economical crisis in Puerto Rico, new businesses are opening. This is a sign that nothing will stop Puerto Ricans from completing their goals. An alarming rate of residents have migraded the island, leaving room for new and improved financial outcomes.  Those who stay behind are working hard to improve the standard of living, balancing all the books, keeping things in order. Yes; the prices of services and goods are on the rise but that will not bring down our emotional state. We keep moving forward, never letting these changes affect our daily living. This economical crisis was created due to the fact that Puerto Rico owes money and refuses to pay it’s dues, trying to place the island as victim to the crisis. Puerto Rico keeps borrowing money, they keep investing in what seems to be in closet investments because the public does not see much of those funds. “Puerto Rico and It’s False Crisis”

Why I say “False Crisis”! Because I see improvements in my home town and that is causing a red flag that should be looked into. Our community needs a voice because the Government is stepping on everyones emotional state, causing serious problems. Puerto Ricans need to step up to their game and do something about their island. STOP with the GREED and let us start the real improvements that this island needs. We are the only ones who can make a difference in our communities.


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