eBay Shopping Is Awesome

I ordered two batteries for my neighbor as she needed a replacement for her house phone. It arrived today. Feeling great, because I have been waiting two weeks for the package to arrive. I have been shopping on eBay for a long time but the addresses in Puerto Rico are very confusing, they are not like the ones in the United States. The time spent shopping online is very time consuming but it beats the time spent in traffic. Something that I have been used to doing since I registered an account with eBay. I am currently working online placing orders for clients, to make extra money. I will be selling on eBay once I am ready to start my journey.

Anyway, I am headed back to my other projects because I cannot stay still. I will be back soon. In this tight economy we need to find a balance so that we can put more money in our pockets. Hope that everyone has an awesome night or day, where ever you are.