Food Shopping – 7 Day Challenge (Day 3)

What a beautiful day it has been here in Puerto Rico. The weather has been treating us pretty good these past few days. I just got back from food shopping, which was not bad at all today. The Supermarket was pretty much empty today, so shopping was done quickly without the headache of a long line. Food is one of the main sources in life that we cannot put on the side, it is what keeps us going on a daily basis. I did find lot’s of sales, saving me some extra cash. I am very picky when it comes to food shopping. Everything must be in order as I shop, cans go with cans, dairy, etc. But all in all I had a great time shopping with less human traffic getting in my way.

I will be taking calculations every time I shop so that I can save some money. My journey has come to an end for food shopping but will continue in a few weeks. Today I will treat myself and my wife to a movie night and some Pizza. This will become a tradition starting tonight due to the fact that Pizza is our main dish for a night together. Let’s see what is cooking for dinner before we start our movie night. Well I am going to leave you for now but will be back soon.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive 




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