There is no real one on one communication anymore

Good Afternoon, this month has been going by too fast. As everyone knows I am a very positive person. I do not let anything bother me anymore. There are so many negative things, so many negative people around the world that it really puts a dent in our daily living. We also tend to judge people too soon, without giving them the time to show us who they really are. This year I have been thinking of doing things the way they were in the past with my friends, people who I meet in the Social Media.

The internet has giving us an opportunity to open our communications, learning experiences but is has also separated everyone in our main circles. No matter where you go people are connected to the internet. There is no real one on one communication anymore. We have been controlled by technology to the point where social networking has been destroyed. Families have been destroyed over the use of the internet. Children today are so connected that they do not know what Sports are or what is Monopoly. Sad; but true!

The problem is the people who are connected, they do not know how to use the technology for the right reasons. I have seen people abuse the Social Networks to the point where other people are complaining about it. The companies do not listen to the complaints so these people do what they feel they have a right to do. This has gotten out of control.

Coming to the conclusion, I have decided to use the technology to find people who are having serious problems. I have been chatting in various platforms over the internet and have found people who are suffering in life and they only seek friendship, a person who can give them that needed space to vent and find closure to those negative feelings that consume their daily living. So I have formed a special group in Facebook so that my friends can join and find solutions to common problems.

This group will meet face to face in the future because once in awhile we all need to disconnect from the internet and enjoy real life, real people as well as take sometime to breath the air that is free. We need that one on one communication with people. So; think about it. Try to disconnect for a day and communicate with loved ones, friends, neighbors face to face, see for yourself what real life is like without the control of technology.  Spend time with your kids, go out, play real games, enjoy your time with your kids without the internet.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive 


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