Skout Needs a Serious OverHaul

How many people have seen or tried these so called online chats?  I am going to tell you in my own opinion that these chats are good, bad in so many ways. Social media has become a real joke because of the kind of people who are using them. They use these sites the wrong way. I met my wife in a chat called Skout. But what is wrong with the site?  There so many people are rude, have zero education under their belt and have no clue how to use the application. I would imagen that people have more common sense.

Welcome to Skout

The world’s largest app for meeting new people. With millions of users all over the world, Skout gives you the ability to connect with people no matter where you are.

Now that seems easy right. The worlds largest app for meeting new people, with millions of users all over the world. Wow; Skout gives you the ability to connect with people no matter where are are. I would think so, because they have millions of users world wide!! Skout has many issues involving security, GPS (Global Positioning System), they lack the ability to have its user control the profiles, you cannot delete anything unless you contact them. They never monitor their users. The site is filled with people who only want sex, they ask for photos and your location for nothing because they never will meet you in person.

There is a lack of communication among it’s users, they do not hold a chat. The GPS never lets you know exactly where your located, sometimes I am in my hometown and a few minutes later I am traveling abroad. This is a huge problem because you cannot chat with people in your local area. Another problem is that its users cannot upload links to places such as Facebook, WordPress, etc, they block it all.

Another problem is the fake profiles, these people only look to harm others. If only the users can have more control over their profile, they would be able to provide a deeper security level. Skout also needs to let its users add their links so that their professions or services can be found by others. Too many unnecessary blocks causes its users to interact less. This is why nobody tries to chat anymore.

A profile should include links, etc to open up more the communications between its users. I do hope to see a change soon because I am a blogger, who uses these applications to help promote my services as well as my blog, some sites make it so difficult that it shuts you down. In regards to Skout, they need to open up more so that people like us (Bloggers) can let others know what we do. They rather have ads that do not make sense than to help promote the real stuff.

These are my thoughts on Skout, hope that people can open up more because this world needs to have everyone closer and be more friendly. I leave this for now because I am going to eat, I am hungry.

If you use o open an account in Skout, I urge you not to stay in silence, learn how to communicate with other users.