Trying To Get Back Online

I know it has been awhile that I have not posted and that is because I have been very busy with work. As the month nears it’s end with all the craziness of holiday shopping, neighbors requesting sometime together, I lost track of time to get online. I am also working on another challenge but this time it requires your help. I will post that challenge soon.  It’s not easy going through all this but I have to get it done. So I have been trying to get back online, this time I have to stick to my schedule in order to stay online. But remember that these computers start to slow down as well, so that is another reason to stop coming online.

This week is being spent cleaning the computer so that it can operate faster, that way I can start writing again. I will be posting soon. I will not abandon anyone, just been busy. In my last post I wrote about the computer. Once I get this one running 100%, I will be adding more on that topic. Feel free to follow me and I will follow you.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive


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