Your Windows Operating System

This is one of the most important software’s that you must have in your computer. Without it you will not be able to access all your applications, like Google, Windows Explorer, Audio, Videos, Photo’s, Documents Internet. This is an essential piece of software that can be so useful when needed. Your operating system gives you full access to all your basic computer needs, like your registry, services, etc. Microsoft makes updates on the (OP) Operating system on a constant basis for security, drivers and any component that is required like licenses.

You can find your operating system details in freeware like CCleaner. This is a free program that helps clean your computer. But we are not going to that part yet, we need to go directly to your system information. CCleaner has another program called Speccy, it is also free and can provide all the computers information. For this post, I need you to click on Speccy, feel free to download it. I use it all the time. Once installed, open the program and take a look at your (OP) Operating System. Notice that it gives you the current windows and it’s BITS. This information is crucial in order to keep your system up to date. You might also see service packs.

Learn everything about your operating system, Google any information that you do not understand. I run Windows 7, Professional. Down the Speccy list you will find all the relevant information, like your graphics, storage, CPU and Motherboard. It is such a great idea to learn all about your computer and how it works. We spend lots of time working on software but never work and learn about hardware.

If you want to save some money or at least have some knowledge before you take your computer to a technician, trust me, you will not regret it. Most work can be performed at home with some basic information. There is no exact form to solve an issue with a technician who is out to make money but not really help you solve some common computer problems.

Next I will be posting about  the (CPU) Central Processing Unit. I will be going through the list one by one but will not be going through all the technical stuff as of yet, you need to check for yourself first before you try to fix your computer. Learning everything about your computer will keep you in a less stressful situation. I am sure that you will be happy with the results. Become aware of your system and improve the quality of life on your computer. Common sense is all it takes.



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