Time Schedule For Blogging

I have been away for awhile but finally I am back. Looking to write on a full time basis. My neighbors are constantly calling me aside, putting my time schedule on hold. It has not been an easy battle. What are my thoughts and views over everything happening here and abroad? That will be posted soon because I am still  trying to fit into a decent schedule. Sometimes we have so much to do that we tend to do things that are not part of the agenda. I am very curious to find out what others have done to combat the time schedule for blogging. I used to post once a day around 5 AM, now I post on odd hours of the day or night.

Now that the holidays are getting closer, the year is almost gone, we have become the most wanted neighbors to help with decorations. It’s a great gesture to help others, only if we can fit that in between our very own to do list but when your list gets shut down, you become closer to anxiety than ever before. Why? Because your to do list gets stacked up to the point where you will spend countless hours and days trying to restore patience. Getting back on track is not easy at all when others occupy your time.

Above all this craziness this week, I have been able to at least clean my wife’s computer, it was running slow. Task number 1 accomplished at last. December is a month of total run around but glad I can sit back and relax a bit. I never let anything stress me to extreme. My wife has been taking care of my health, so I am glad for that, we do share all responsibilities in the house, that alleviates the 24 hour schedule a bit.

Today I will be focusing more on my blog and my readers. Pretty soon I will be adding a full time schedule to dedicate myself to this blog. Making this blog my full time job. It sounds crazy but it is my choice. Running this blog has given me so much to look forward to that I have thought about this as a full time job. I will be posting some of my blog objectives soon, so that everyone is aware of where I stand on my future job with my blog.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive


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