Money and Mental Health Issues

Puerto Rico has serious problems with management. what is exactly the issues concerning money?  All across the island we see negatives from all sorts of businesses, including our very own Government. I find it hard to believe that people need real lessons on money management. Greed has been in place because everyone wants more money than what they can chew. It is sad to see how the economy ruins peoples lives. But yet again, they never take the time to “Value” the money that comes into their lives. Everyone wants more without being able to handle what they have in their hands.

Are we looking into the wrong path? Of course we are. That is why we see a rise in crime. People are just going nuts over “Money”.  If we were to look into our very own home, we can see exactly where to start, when it comes to money management. I have been seeing lot’s of people putting down sales, asking for stuff for free. We have become a society full of Greed! In other words, we want more and more without actually paying for it. I do not mind supporting my local businesses and paying my taxes, but so many people complain that everything is expensive or will not pay for them. This economy will not be balanced if people would stop and focus on their thinking habits.

This brings me to a conclusion that Mental Health has something to do with it. It’s a mixture of so many things. Everyone’s lives are complicated due to their thinking habits. I focus a lot on mental health because it is our brain that has the ability to change, if our brains change, we can change the world we live in. Next time you brush your teeth, try to focus more on that mirror. Ask yourself, mirror on the wall, why am I really on earth? What is my purpose here? Can I change myself to be a better person? Can I learn to respect, love and cherish others?

I know that you can change yourself to be a better person. Puerto Rico can change if only it’s people change first.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive


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