Mental Health Issues Overlooked

This world has gone nuts. Yes; nuts!! I am sure that everyone who reads these blogs will comment or like because I have to be right on target. What is wrong with people? We are equal in many ways. So why are we behaving in such ridiculous ways? There are so many classifications of mental disorders but no cure. One thing I have noticed with people is the simple act of lying, they lie to mental health professionals, so the exact cure will never be seen in a person. The decisions that people make are so out of this planet that nothing gets solved. Social Media does not help these people at all. They spend countless hours online, loosing touch with the real world. This is not even funny anymore as so much violence is happening on a daily basis around the world.

This has nothing to do with race, politics or anything involving weapons, it has to do with the “Mind”.  The power of the mind is the problem here.  People are being programmed to think too much negative stuff, we are being fed daily with negativity in our daily lives that it has ruined our minds. What we learn in School, we also learn out of School. Keep in mind that if you want to change, you need to change the channel of your daily life intake.  Once we change the channel, you will start seeing and thinking differently.  Programming your mind is essential for a better and improved mental health.

So next time you feel alone and depressed, change your channel to a positive channel.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive 


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