A Long 24 Hours In Deed

What a long 24 hours, last night we lost electrical power due to the local AEE company fixing a problem on the main line.  So; how is everyone doing? This morning I went to get an MRI done and after 6 hours waiting my turn, I was told that I needed some labs done for my kidneys.  Well; I am in that process once again, going this next Tuesday for labs, then MRI. I was cleared from my doctor to start doing normal things once again. Tomorrow another battle begins as I have an appointment with my ENT (Ear Nose and Throat).  I have to get up at 4 Am to get ready and catch the 6:30 Am bus. Just another day of medical exams, but it is for my health.

These past few days were busy for me but I did manage to find this sign at my doctors office, not sure if it was meant for her patients or staff. See for yourself and comment if you like.

Payment Post

OK; so it took me a few days to take the above photo. That helped me to conclude that here in this office, everyone is on vacation. Well, I am off to do other stuff before I go to bed. I have to get up early but it is for my benefit. I will be posting more soon once I finish with my exams.

Remember: Always Smile and Stay Positive