Service Payment Site : Facebook Page Update

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Goodmorning everyone. I would like to know if you can help me.  I am looking to build this site as one of many full time jobs. I would like to buy a domain, etc and would like your help with a small donation.  I do want to dedicate more time here, because I enjoy writing. I do have so much in my hands that I also need a laptop, so that I can give my wifes laptop back. She is also a blogger.

Your donations would help a lot as this is the only thing I have to support my family while I am in recovery. Please be kind to give me a hand if you like my writing. Your support means so much for me. In return I will mention your blogs in my future post. Above is the link to make a donation. Every penny counts a lot in my situation.
Thank You

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive

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