Random Thoughts – 7 Day Challenge (Day 5)

What a long 24 hours it has been. Good morning everyone. Well bad news, my wifes laptop ran out of battery power, so now it will not hold a charge. I am writing this post on our cellphone, which is hard to write from.

This does not mean that I will give up, it means that im very positive and know that I will get back the opportunity to use the laptop soon. I will be without the laptop for a week, until we get a new battery in place. This weekend has arrived and so has the end of the 7 day challenge, which is two days away. Wow, I have come along way.

We face many real challenges in life. This is why so many people end up with depression, anxiety, etc. I am always looking for solutions with a positive mind set.

After the 7 day challenge, I will be taking a break until I get the computer back and running. I will try to post via the cellphone as much as I can. Anyway, it is time to fill in my hunger desires. Time to make some breakfast.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive