Random Thoughts – 7 Day Challenge (Day 4)

Today has started on a wrong note

The laptop battery has decided to say goodbye. I have to replace the battery and the power supply as well. With the weekend almost here it will be impossible to place an order right now, so I am going to wait until Monday. To complicate matters more, we are talking about my wifes laptop, she has had this laptop for so many years and it runs like new, In matter of fact we share this laptop for everything. Talking about a challenge jajaja. My wife means a lot to me, so I am going to place that order as soon as possible.

Ok, this may seem odd but the battery light turned on, its green again. This saves us so much time and energy because we have so much to get done. Hope everyone is doing great. It has been 4 days already since I started this challenge. I have three days left and have been feeling motivated, even though that I am still on recovery. This has been a crazy challenge for me because its my random thoughts that I am posting. Well; I am headed to eat something and help my wife around the house as well as add some stuff to our Facebook group for sale.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive