Random Thoughts – 7 Day Challenge (Challenge Day 3)

Good Morning

Today I woke up after 5am, due to the fact that I needed to start on my nightly rest schedule. So far my body has felt a bit better. I have decided to take sometime off so that I can get back on track. But I am on a personal challenge here for 7 days, three days already and I am feeling more motivated than ever to keep writing. This does help a lot with stress even though I am on a tight schedule for my daily post. Random thoughts are just stuff that pops into my head. This has been a crazy week with all the rain, etc. I am eager for the holidays to get here, how about you?

I am going to challenge myself soon with a 30 day challenge, once I finish this mission but my other challenge will be a bit harder and more challenging. Let’s see what happens after 7 days.  Today will be another productive day as I will be working on my business ventures and updating everything once again. Well I am going to leave you guys for now but will be back soon with more “Random Thoughts”.

Here is something random that just popped up in my head just now. If you are feeling depressed or filled with anxiety I will be posting topics based on that issue after the 7 days challenge, way before I start my 30 day challenge. I need to do this because I have seen some of my followers who do suffer from these conditions. This is something that I want to do so that I can help those who are suffering right now. If you suffer from these conditions please use the contact me above and e-mail me a little bit about you and what condition you suffer and how you try to cope with it.

This will be a great time to help each other because I do care. Hope that you can communicate with me and that we can solve these problems together. That is why we are here for, to help and solve problems.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive 


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