Random Thoughts – 7 Day Challenge (Challenge Day 2)

Ok; so here I am laying in bed, cannot sleep at all. This has gotten out of control but I need to get things done. Keeping up with a decent schedule is not so easy anymore when you have people in your life asking questions and occupying your time with stuff that they need. My plans were put on hold for today because my neighbor has to run errands and wants my wife’s and I to go with her. I mean I do enjoy helping my neighbors, which have become more like family. On a sad note; one of my other neighbors lost his mom a day before Halloween, so we were at her wake at the church for a few hours. Our commitment to our neighbors is a priority because they are like family and two they are seniors who really are quiet and decent. I have become accustomed to living here.

December will be our one year anniversary at this apartment. Small but cozy, near transportation and the supermarket. I am due to wake up early, not sure what time my neighbor will be going out to run these errands. So I have decided to do this 7 day challenge with “Random Thoughts” as my topic. I am creating a 7 day post of just my random thoughts, things that pop into my mind. Sounds crazy huh? Can you believe that I am still laying down in bed? This will be a long day indeed. But I made a promise and have to keep it. My mind is on a straight course to do something special but right after I finish this challenge. Well, I’m gonna try getting some sleep if not I will be online like always.

Remember Always Smile and stay Positive