7 Day or 30 Day Challenge (Challenge Day 1)

I am thinking about doing a challenge, that I’ve heard so much being talked about in Social Media. The only problem is coming up with a challenge. I am trying to test my skills and performance if I go for the 7 day or 30 day challenge. Can it be done? This has been an interesting topic that I have been looking into since I started blogging. I have not been very active here at all and do look forward to increasing my daily post. I really would like to improve my writing, so that I can feel better knowing that my readers do understand me.

How many of you have done such a challenge? I will be posting everyday, starting today. Well; it’s 12:42AM here, so yea, I have officially started my challenge. I do have to make a schedule and stick with it. I am going to do a 7 day challenge and would appreciate feed back on my post. So feel free to follow my blog via e-mail to receive my latest post.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive


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