Facebook has so many features, with the ability to create a home page, group page and a fan page. There are also options that can be used to your benefit, like notification settings, which I have seen so many users posting on group pages on how to set it up. I have been on Facebook for so many years and have seen so many changes. But this one is so easy to understand. Today I am going to focus on just one issue because there is so much to talk about within this area of Social Media.

Let’s talk about Facebook Fan pages vs Personal pages

There is nothing wrong with having a personal page, one that can be used for connecting family and friends. There you can post all your personal daily rants, photos, etc to share among your friends and family. There are a number of reasons why you should never “Mix” your personal life with your business. 

  1. Your bottom line gets affected
  2. Trust issues arise
  3. Client Confidence gets affected
  4. Less Traffic for your sales or business
  5. It does not give you a professional look
  6. Your personal life can bring lots of negative issues
  7. No business person likes to do business from a personal page

Fan Pages

Fan pages are awesome for a business presence on the Social network, why? Because you create a list of fans, which may turn into clients in the future. The “Likes” grow as more people come to your page. Once you create your Fan page, you then need to focus on creating content that focuses on your business.  Play around with the page, add photos, be creative, bring your likes into your world and see for yourself that this works. Remember, separate your Fan Page from your personal page. You can also integrate your Fan page with WordPress by adding the Facebook widget.

Results happen when you create a world that is unique to everyone else. That is why successful people have gotten to where they are now. You need to focus on your business with a business attitude and leave your personal life on the side line in order to see progress with your business.

Remember Always Smile and Stay Positive 


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