Wake Up My Fellow Bloggers and Followers

Good Morning

I’ve taken some time to relax and feel much better now. I have accomplished so much in the past 24 hours. I am super motivated this coming weekend, getting all my projects in order and almost done. We are almost in that time to be jolly and spread the holidays cheers. Well; I am up early going to the store and see what I can buy because I’m hungry but will not have breakfast until 7am. Yes; I know, why not eat now?  I’m not eating now because I have to wait until the super market opens. Yikes; my thought patterns are a bit off this morning but I am getting back on track. My wife and I finished putting up our Christmas tree, so happy. 1 down 200 on the list to go lol,.

Ok, so I am going to bring you guys some great news soon but you have to wait, it’s a surprise. I am thinking of doing something special for everyone but it will take your participation. I will keep you posted on my up and coming idea once I get it into the list. Anyway, I am going to get ready to start the day and see what occurs hour by hour.

Always Smile and Stay Positive