Creating A Mindset That Can Be A Benefit To Your Plans

Creating a mindset that can benefit your over all plans

What plans? Well for starters we tend to create thoughts that blindfold us in a way that it causes a traffic jam in our daily routines. Our minds are programmed to receive things in good and bad ways. Sitting around with a negative mindset can produce so much pain that we tend to freeze. We stop to even socialize with the public, friends, neighbors and family, putting us in a locked, dark room without windows.

mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people who is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tool.  Wikipedia

This is why we as writers, bloggers open and create content. If we take time to focus more on the reality of things that are within our reach, then we will realize that it is time to structure our minds first in order to see progress in all thing we do in life. This is something that most non-successful people do not see or do. When things do not go as planned, we fall apart.  Anxiety, depression, anger and the list goes on depending on the person involved. My experience with a negative mindset all started back in High School. I thought I had the world in my hands. Obviously I was wrong; after I became an adult.

Putting things on the “I will do it later list” caused major problems ahead. Leaving a huge space of wasted time that I could never recover. See when we are kids, we tend to see things “our way”. Then as we grow up things really start looking ugly and life seems to get harder. Why? Because we forgot as youngsters to program our minds to the “Positive Mindset”.  So I’ve learned from my past to program my mind so that positive thoughts, people stay in my lane full of traffic. I rather have a positive traffic jam in my brain than a negative one that can cause a lot of damage.

Take a good look right now at your plans and your goals. Set your mindset on positive rather than negative and leave it on 24/7. Create a circle full of positive people who support your thoughts, your goals and your plans. Once you set all this in place, you will see a huge deference in your health, your way of thinking.  Everyday is a day to think positive and move your success to a better level. I dare your to succeed. 

Remember that setting up a Positive Mindset can improve your health and make you succeed in your plans and goals


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