Long Week For A Blogger

I know I have not been writing much this week

It has been such a long week for my wife and I. We have taken sometime off to focus on our health, getting medical check ups. Leaving the house at 6am and returning after 3pm almost everyday is very exhausting.  Anyway I am trying to get back on track with my readers and followers, I am not forgetting about you at all. Ever since my operation and a 14 day stay at the hospital, it has been medical check up after another as well as running other errands.

Above all I am here once in a while but hope that I can start updating often, which I will do soon. Right now I am writing and am so tired, not sure what to do because my readers are important to me. I did catch up on some sleep but cannot over sleep because it gives me a migraine headache. I am used to being up 24/7 but it is time for my body and brain to get used to the 8 hours of sleep and pick up my own work schedule without disturbing my blog at all. This has been really the longest week for me! I am here to stay with everyone, once my body gets back on track.

I promise to keep posting even if it’s once a day due to my busy schedule


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