Random: Are We Friends?

I have only known you 1% of the time but I like the post, it points to the truth about friendship

A Thomas Point of View

Here’s an email that I sent to a male “friend”:

What do you define as a friend? Because in your opinion you’ve said that we are friends right? But, I have a question…how are we friends if we don’t spend time getting to know each other? I’m analytical right, so let’s talk numbers…

We’ve had 6 dates since April. It is now September. That’s 5 months. I’m going to estimate that we’ve spent 4 hours (averaging for longer dates) per date. That’s 20 hours in 5 months. There were 183 days in those 5 months at 24 hours per day which is 4,392 hours. So, out of 4392 hours I’ve spent 20 with you. That’s .004%.

But, I will do you a solid and add communication in there. In the beginning you averaged between texts and calls from March through July 6th about 2 hours per week. That’s about 110…

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